Second Chances Jail Alternative Program

The goal of the Second Chances Child Support Jail Alternative Program is to provide judges an option to use as an alternative to jail at contempt hearings for non-custodial fathers who have fallen behind in their child support payments.

What Does Second Chance Provide?

Interactive Web-based training with certificates of completion on:

• Job readiness
• Employment Training
• Life skills
• Financial literacy
• Financial Planning
• Communication skills

Group-level education sessions on important topics such as:

• Responsible fatherhood
• Effective communication
• Resume Preparation
• Education on local child support laws
Supportive Mentoring for younger fathers is also incorporated

Benefits of Second Chance

For the Consumer:
• An alternative to incarceration that may lead to loss of employment, family disconnection and stigma.
• Hands on training/education
• Linkage to supportive services
• Certificates after successful completion of each module that may be used for education enrollment and job placement.
• Access to individual and group-level education to allow participants to improve their life situation.
• The opportunity to become a better father.

For the Community:
• Substantial cost savings as it keeps fathers out of the prison system.
• Provides judges and prosecutors a needed alternative for disposing of cases involving child support agreement violations.
• Allows judges and prosecutors to redirect limited financial resources toward high-level cases.
• Make more jail and prison space available for violent offenders, thus enhancing public safety.
• A trained workforce.

Second Chance – Jr!

Second Chance Jr! is an adaption of the adult program

  • Targets non-violent fathers under 18 years of age referred by the Juvenile Court System
  • Similar to Second Chance but they are also assigned a positive male mentor (father figure) to support the young person in his character development.