Second Chances Jail Alternative Program – Transfer

The goal of the Second Chances Child Support Jail Alternative Program is to provide judges an option to use as an alternative to jail at contempt hearings for non-custodial fathers who have fallen behind in their child support payments.

What Does Second Chance Provide?

Interactive Web-based training with certificates of completion on:

• Job readiness
• Employment Training
• Life skills
• Financial literacy
• Financial Planning
• Communication skills

Group-level education sessions on important topics such as:

• Responsible fatherhood
• Effective communication
• Resume Preparation
• Education on local child support laws
Supportive Mentoring for younger fathers is also incorporated

Benefits of Second Chance

For the Consumer:
• An alternative to incarceration that may lead to loss of employment, family disconnection and stigma.
• Hands on training/education
• Linkage to supportive services
• Certificates after successful completion of each module that may be used for education enrollment and job placement.
• Access to individual and group-level education to allow participants to improve their life situation.
• The opportunity to become a better father.

For the Community:
• Substantial cost savings as it keeps fathers out of the prison system.
• Provides judges and prosecutors a needed alternative for disposing of cases involving child support agreement violations.
• Allows judges and prosecutors to redirect limited financial resources toward high-level cases.
• Make more jail and prison space available for violent offenders, thus enhancing public safety.
• A trained workforce.

Second Chance – Jr!

Second Chance Jr! is an adaption of the adult program

  • Targets non-violent fathers under 18 years of age referred by the Juvenile Court System
  • Similar to Second Chance but they are also assigned a positive male mentor (father figure) to support the young person in his character development.