Men In Motion Leadership Academy

The Men In Motion (MIM) Leadership Academy strives to improve academic achievement, self-esteem, leadership abilities, community service, social involvement, problem solving skills, creating and maintaining healthy relationships, and the avoidance of high-risk behaviors to male youth ages 10-18 by providing guidance from positive male adults who work to help male youth maximize their potential.

MIM Mentors will also provide moral support and encouragement to assist with goal setting, job readiness, and financial literacy. MIM Mentors will be at least 21 years old and display an interest in working with male youth. MIM Mentors will also be required to adhere to MIM policies and procedures.  

Men In Motion (MIM) Leadership Academy FAQs

    What is the youth population that your program will serve?

       The MIM Mentoring Program services male youth ages 10-18.

●     What potential sources of mentors will you recruit from?

       The MIM Mentoring Program has utilized a strict screening process inclusive of national background checks to select male mentors that range in professions with various educational levels/credentials.

●     What is the nature of the mentoring sessions?

       Mentoring sessions will include: Education/Academic Support, Career Exploration, Job Placement/Performance, Healthy Behaviors, Socialization, and other areas deemed appropriate for the development and betterment of program participant.  

●    Where will the mentoring occur?

      Mentoring will occur Online (Virtual Community), referred to as E-mentoring. Participant will need to have access to a computer, Ipad, or smart phone in order to have mentoring sessions online.

●    When will the mentoring sessions take place?

      Mentoring sessions will take place during an agreed upon time (i.e. afterschool, weekends) with mentor, mentee, and parent/guardian.

●   How often will mentors/mentees meet?

      The frequency of the mentoring sessions will be determined based on scheduling and need of mentee with monthly commitments required in order for mentee to remain active in the mentoring program. 

  How long will the mentoring matches endure?

      Once participant has been accepted into the program, the length of participation will be determined.

●    Do I have to pay for my son to participate?

      No, there is no cost to participate in the MIM Mentoring Program.

●    Do parents/guardians have to participate in the mentoring program?

      Yes, parents/guardians will be required to meet with the mentor once a month to review/discuss progress of participant. Parents/guardians will also be contacted by mentor if issues and/or concerns about participant arises.

Key Men In Motion Courses