We invite essays from thought leaders, law professors, law students and social justice warriors to present editorials on current events and issues that are relative to social justice for all people that affect how the administration of justice occurs in courtrooms and in society as a whole.

Social Justice Essays and Articles from Attorney Benjamin L. Crump

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Wong is wrong: justice needs to be served,” is a statement that my client Jannie Ligons made when she was interviewed shortly after Daniel Holtzclaw.
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The dangers of being a black man in car trouble. ‘They were killed by the very people who are supposed to protect and serve them’
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Terrance Crutcher’s Death Show’s It’s Past Time for A Change in Policing Tactics in the US
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50 Years After Selma, Let’s Finally End Unbridled, Unjust Protection For Law Enforcement
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U.S. Senate Ignored the Vote of the People 51 Years After Voters Right Act
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Seven Deaths Cannot Be In Vain
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